Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm Farragut Classy!!!

A picture of me with my new comp and my old district leader Elder Big Baby Brown.

I've been transferred to FARRAGUT, TENNESSEE WHERE THE STREETS ARE PAVED WITH GOLD. But seriously this is the classiest place in the mission. Everyone is a multimillionaire and they all shop at j crew so I totally fit in. Guess who my companion is! SISTER HAMILTON. My friend from the MTC!! Yayayayayayayayayyayayayayaya WE B HAVIN FUN.
So since I live in Beverly Hills, Tennessee, It's super hard to find people so we have to be almost completely dependent on the members. AHHHHHHHHHH. So they invite people to their homes and we have family home evening and stuff. So it's tight. We spend a lot of time with members so we can talk to them about the people we want us to teach.
My last few days in Oak Ridge were kind of hard because I didn't want to say goodbye! Maxine was really sad to see me go and so was Catherine (she cried when she found out about me getting transferred). BUT WE'RE ALL OKAY BECAUSE WE'RE MORMON FRIENDS FOR ETERNITY. Maxine we will just have to baptize by proxy if you know what I mean... I am seriously so in love with Oak Ridge and I am so blessed to have been able to serve there for 6 whole months! But I had to leave sometime, so I left. Farragut is going to be what I make of it. So obviously it's going to be awesome! I already have some fun friends in the young women. Also Brother Pesci in our ward (the funniest man on earth) knows Uncle Rob. So basically it's like I'm in Utah because the people here know my family and the ward is jammed packed full of humanz.
I really miss seeing roadkill every where. Roadkill=home. But we have seen some roadkill here and that has made me super happy.

There are some beautiful churches here in Farragut, so here is a pic of me by a classy catholic church in the rain.

I gotta go though! LOVE YOU GUYZZZ

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