Sunday, April 13, 2014

I am Sister Animal

Apr 7 at 11:23 AM

So it's me the missionary. I'm still here in Farragut, Tennessee for those of you who have forgotten.

This week was pretty eventful! On Monday we had FHE with Tonya and her grandkids at the Lee's home! The kids were super hyper so we taught a brief lesson on faith, invited Tonya to come to conference, and enjoyed some delicious poppy seed lemon cake.

My first day in Farragut we had taught this lady, Denise, the restoration. It was super rocky. Denise had the missionaries over a few times over before I had gotten there and they had talked about what they do as missionaries and feelings the spirit and stuff. This week we went back and brought the restoration dvd and a member and it went really well! We talked about having real intent and finding truth! It was a great lesson and the member did an awesome job testifying!

We brought a young girl out with us this week because she was having a hard time. We got there and our appointment told us straight up she didn't want us to be Mormon so we left and went to get frozen yogurt and talk about a cool conference talk. There we met Cortney, the frozen yogurt guy! He's awesome and he was super excited to learn what we have to share! We told him to meet us at a park down the street and we taught him the restoration! It was awesome and the spirit was so strong! He is seriously so ready and willing to find truth!

Conference was so awesome! We got to watch a session at President Irion's house (we took a selfie for kicks and giggles. I love that man. Also my hair isn't that short it was just going crazy don't freak out) and that is where I got some seriously kicks in the pants from Elder Holland. His talks always make me want to be better I loved it.

 For all of the other sessions we chilled at the church, my butt was numb from sitting in the pews that long (too much info? sorry). None of the investigators came to the sessions that we had planned them to come for, we were bummed until the last session! TONYA, CORTNEY, and STEPHEN (gas station guy that we the assistants to the president were supposed to take from us but haven't really done anything about him but he is in love with my comp so it's awk) ALL CAME! Isn't that awesome? They got to hear from the prophets themselves and feel the spirit that their words can powerfully convey! Cortney was super pumped about the session and Tonya enjoyed herself. Stephen said he didn't really learn anything (debbie downer) but hey 2/3 not bad right?

I love being in Farragut because we find humility in the most unlikely places. People are ready to take full advantage of what God has to offer them! I hope everyone enjoyed conference!

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I've also been given the nickname "Sister Animal" by the Morrison family because I taught some young boys how to play chubby champions. For those of you in the dark that's when you get pillows and ram each other. One time I rammed Ethan (he's like 7) and he flew backwards and ran into their huge dog and did the worm in the air. It was hilarious and he thought it was awesome. I love them.
Sister Andrea Kate Merrell

PS we thought this was pretty place to take a pic and as we were walking up some people across the street yelled at us that it was a bad idea. Then we realized there was the terrifying goose nesting on it's eggs. It was glaring at us and was definitely ready to attack!

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