Monday, March 24, 2014

Ba donka doink!

Today at 10:03 AM
So this week was pretty great!
We had a fun adventure with a huge dog the size of a horse! We were trying to get past the dog and the huge gate to get to this person's house to meet them because they are on the ward roster and we didn't know who they are. So we got some dog treats and were going to make a break for it but the dog was too scary so we just fed him the treats and left. But hey the neighbor that was outside watching us is a new investigator!
Dylan and Adrian got BAPTIZED! IT was awesome. Adrian went first and he locked his knees so he went backwards like a plank. Then he GENTLY bonked his head on the wall (Ba donka doink!) and then went underwater first try! Yeehaw! Dylan went next and was advised to bend his knees. So that went a little bit more smoothly. It was great!
I also found out that I am getting transferred! The conference call was on Saturday, and that's when they list who is getting transferred, is becoming a district leader, zone leader, sister training leader, training, blah blah blah. Anyways I know I'm leaving but I don't know where I'm going! It's going to be sad leaving Oak Ridge but hey it had to end at some point right??

I saw President Irion at stake conference and I asked him where I'm going and he just laughed at me. This waiting game is TORTURE!!! Hahahaha oh well I love my life.

I forgot my camera so I will attach some cute baptism pics next week!

Love you guyz thx 4 da luv!

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