Monday, March 17, 2014

2 Blessed 2 B Stressed! 2 Blessed 2 B Depressed!

Humanz, Hello.

It is me. And I am myself.
This week has had many interesting highlights, such as:
-Elder Brown made me eat a rotten cheese flavored jelly bean and I gagged and nearly died

-I stared at an ant farm that was declining in population for a really long time to help me learn how to talk to people about coping with death
-We joined a blue grass band at a member's house and sang weird Tennessee songs, I don't even remember what my instrument was called but it was like a weirdly tuned guitar.
-We found the grave of Mr. Hendrix in some person's yard (the street leading to our house is called Hendrix Drive)
Super great right?
Well my beloved grumpy funny crazy weird cool district leader actually asked me to give the training at district meeting this week, so I kindly said I would. I trained on Bearing Testimony Frequently in Chapter 11 of Preach My Gospel. My goal was to help give some people in our district some self-confidence. I really liked this fragment of scripture:

"and the weakness of their words will I make strong in their faith" -2 Nephi 3:21

When we have strong faith, the spirit can help the things that we say speak to the people that we are teaching. This is why missionary work even is effective because we don't understand everything these people are going through; but, the Lord does! My training went well and I'm glad I got to do it because it was fun to prepare.

The baptism is creeping up on us, and we are getting more and more excited! So are Adrian and Dylan! We practiced the baptismal interview questions last night and they are ready! Lot's of people think rushing baptism is the most important thing to do in missionary work. It's true that there is a sense of urgency to enter in the gate BUT lasting conversion takes time.
Anyways, that's all I got for now.... in the words of Ronnie... the black man with white hair and a purple sweater who we met at the library:
Rock 'em Sock em' Shake 'em Bake 'em Slammin' Jammin' OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE DAY!!! 2 BLESSED 2 B STRESSED!!!! 2 BLESSED 2 B DEPRESSED!!!



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