Monday, February 2, 2015

Things Are Happening

Hey hey!!!

It's story time!

We were wandering around the streets in Eastlake and Sister McDermott all of the sudden stops. She asks me if I heard that noise. I turn around and watch her walk towards the chain link fence and then I follow. We got closer and I finally knew what she was talking about, I could hear some serious soul music! This girl really had some pipes. We walk around to the gate but it was locked, so then we went back to the window and I called out to her,  the singing stops and we start talking with her. She comes outside and we give her a Book of Mormon through the fence. Her name is Jasmine and when we went back a few days later we went in and taught her the restoration with a member from the YSA branch, Keyaundra. Jasmine was very receptive! It turns out that her family had met Mormons before, her dad was familiar with the boys in the white shirts on bikes and remembered having them over a few times a while back. We're excited to see what's in store.

A member told us about a boy, Elvis, and his family who had recently moved into the branch from Guatemala. Elvis is the only one in his family who is a member. We went over and met his mom Hermelinda, she speaks very little English and Sister McDermott and I speak very little Spanish so it makes for a great time. We brought a bilingual member though so it all worked out! Hermelinda told us how much she loves the church and how the men are great role models for Elvis. She reads The Book of Mormon and believes it to be true! We're having a lesson with her and her other two kids this week and we have high hopes that they'll get baptized!!!

Also here's a picture of me and Sister Bridgette. She dyed her hair red this week. Imma fan of it.

Well I'm about out of time! Love y'all!!!

Sister Merrell

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