Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Week in Da Hood


This week... hasn't been my favorite week on my mission. But you have to have not-so-great weeks to appreciate the super great ones right!!?!? Okay cool.

We were going down to Eastlake to go visit Hermelinda, and we got off the bus at the wrong stop because my brain was telling me that it was the right one. When we got off the bus, Jasmine was in her car about to turn and she yells at us, "HEY!!". Okay so it wasn't my brain telling me to get off of the bus, it was the spirit. It was cool to see her. When we got to Hermelinda's house she wasn't there and some of her kids were. They told us that their brother had been in a really bad accident while playing with fire and gasoline he had been burned very badly. Everyone all over the neighborhood was talking about it and people were telling us that they had heard about it on the news. It's really sad, so keep them in your prayers okay!

Okay so I was reading in Jonah this week and I really liked Jonah 4:4 - "Then said the Lord, Doest thou well to be angry?" I was thinking about how this is a question that I should ask myself often. Does it do good to ever be angry? No! It's a waste of time and energy. But hey, maybe you're burning calories or something right? Yeah, not worth it! Being angry is LAME. In this circumstance, Jonah was mad because the Lord was being merciful to wicked people. He wasn't trying to see the people of Ninevah as children of his Father in Heaven. Elder F. Enzio Busche said, "When you cannot love someone, look into that person's eyes long enough to find the hidden rudiments of the child of God in him." So what I'm trying to say here is, #1 it's not worth it to be angry and #2 love humans even when they are hard to love. Being happy is just so much more enjoyable.

Love y'all!

Sister Merrell

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