Monday, January 12, 2015

What the Heck it's 2015?

Happy New Year Y'all!!!!

I seriously can't believe that it's already 2015. I'm definitely freaking out!!! For new years we went to the YSA activity on signal mountain at a member's house. We played pool and did white elephant and ate some delicious food! My bff Jessie in the YSA drove us there and home, she is just a wonderful human. I've been so blessed with great friends that I've met here in Tennessee.

On Monday night we went over to a member's home to have family home evening and it just so happened that their sister-in-law Valerie (non-member) was visiting. As we got to know  Sister McDermott really realated well to her. She began to open up and we learned that just a few weeks ago she had been completely atheist and she is slowing opening up to the idea of there being a God as she has sought Him and found peace while going through a really hard trial that has really affected her. We had planned to teach the restoration for the family home evening lesson, so we just talked about the first point, God is our loving Heavenly Father for the bulk of the time. She told us that just a few days ago she had said her first prayer since she was a child and she described a feeling that she had never felt before, peace. Heavenly Father put her in our path for a reason. She wasn't completely prepared to receive the entire message we had for her, but I do believe that as her trust in God grows she will be ready some day. I'm glad she's related to some Mormons so they can point her in the right direction! The next day we did and I watched this video that reminded me of the night before:

I love that we can all perfectly relate to Joseph Smith, that when we lack wisdom, we can ask of God!

Love Y'all!

Sister Andrea Kate Merrell

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