Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Concussed Christmas!


I've been so tired this week! Maybe because Elder Goldsberry and I bonked heads on Monday playing basketball. If ya didn't hear, his head split open and we had to take him to the hospital to get it glued back together. I had the ball and he went for the steal and I turned my body and our heads collided. And if you were wondering, I dropped the ball, he went for a shot, missed and then ran to the bathroom because there was blood dripping into his eye. We took this picture after like 5 minutes to commemorate the occasion. What a blessing!

Christmas was awesome! We walked to the Bass's house and had breakfast with them and called home! Bahahaha that was so weird. I hope you guys understand how awkwardly awesome I am after talking to me. Well after the call we went to the Huff's house where we spent the rest of the day. We had an AMAZING dinner and I read everyone the story A Christmas Dress For Ellen. It was nice of them to let me share one of our family traditions. I really really love the Huff family because they treat us as one of their own and they make us feel so much at home. They are some of the most amazing humans that I've ever met. We played games and enjoyed each other's company and topped the night off with FIREWORKS! It was a perfect Christmas.

We had a great lesson with our YSA investigator Zack this week! We found him after looking through the area booking and we saw that he investigated about a year ago. He has a very extensive theological background so we know he has a lot of questions he hasn't brought up yet. We brought Taylor, a recently returned missionary, as our team up and the lesson went perfectly! We made sure to portray the darkness of the apostasy against the light of Christ's earthly ministry. We testified of the Book of Mormon and he was willing to put the time and effort to find truth from it. It is so exciting to teach Zack because he has a high level of understanding, very different from a lot of the people here in Chattanooga. The great thing about serving in the YSA branch as well is that our investigators don't have to live in Chattanooga, they just have to live somewhere in the stake. It keeps things diverse. Booya.

This morning and yesterday I was studying Alma 60-61 and I was really enjoying what I was reading. Moroni writes a letter to Pahoran and he is ticked off because he feels like Pahoran had hung him out to dry by abandoning him and his men with no resources to survive and to defend themselves. Pahoran reads this epistle and his response was is so awesome in chapter 61:9 -" I am not angry, but do rejoice in the greatness of your heart..." Pahoran responded with understanding and love. He sought first to understand where Moroni was coming from and he was a great example of good communication. I think that this is a great lesson for me especially because it helps me remember to not be quick to being angry. I need to slow down and be on the level of the people that surround me and understand their points of views and situations.

Anyways, just a random thought there! I hope y'all have a good New Year! Ew it's so weird to think that it's going to be 2015! The time has flown on by!

Love y'all!

Sister Andrea Kate Merrell

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