Sunday, January 26, 2014


I'm so sorry that Martin Luther King Day got in the way of emailing (the library was closed) but everyone raise a glass and say I HAVE A DREAMMMMMMMMMM! Hahaha I did that with the bishop's daughters at dinner last night and we were laughing because I'm a funny fun friend.
I'm really tired because Sister Weight is here on an exchange so obviously we stayed up all night giggling and catching up. Don't worry we still got up at 6:30. Love me hate me love me hate me.

Last week's visit to the science museum was SO MUCH FUN! We learned all about the history of Oak Ridge and the atomic bomb. Yesterday we had a really fun p day because we went to Farragut and played sports with like 20 other missionaries. And we ate burgers and helped the Elders pick out new ties (but we do that every freaking p day because they are ALL obsessed with ties baha).
At zone training meeting Sister Gotchy and I had to give a training on companionship unity. It was so great and unified.
We made this acronym: SPIT--
Same purpose
Positive relationship
follow the spirIT
President Irion loved it, so at least I did something right. Sister Irion also alerted us that breaking the dress code (Elders wearing patterned socks) is the first sign of rebellion.... hahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahaha ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING.

So remember that non-member that bore her testimony in sacrament meeting that I told you about? Well we're having our first lesson with her in a few hours. It's gonna be great.

That's all folks.


PS here's a picture in celebration of MLK jr. Day

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