Sunday, January 5, 2014

Goodbye to my Precious Trainer

Dec 30 at 2:18 PM

So Christmas was good! Maxine gave me a Cinderella Barbie doll... Because that's what she calls me. So many people gave us treats. So many treats. The best gift I got though was Mucinex because I was/am sick. The day after Christmas I had a fever and had to stay home. I missed district meeting and I was super bummed out. Oh well, I still have a cough but I'M FINE.

On Saturday night Sister Weight and I got a text telling us that one of us would be in leadership and on the conference call. She thought I would be training but I knew I wasn't because President told me not this transfer (but eventually) because there is only one sister coming and she's a Spanish speaker. I KNEW it was going to be Sister Weight becoming the next sister training leader... AND I WAS RIGHT!!! Bahahaha so she is leaving me for sure and is going to be cooking with the big dawgs. Crazy. Also our district leader, Elder Parkinson, is getting transferred too... and he is a zone leader now. Also my friend Elder Russo is leaving. I've made some tight friends here in my district and I am sad to see them leave. Hopefully the new people are fun. I'm feeling pretty anxious for transfers. Mainly because Elder Parkinson and Sister Weight have been here in Oak Ridge in our ward for a long time and know the area.. and now I'm the "seasoned veteran". So I have to know who everyone is and where they live and all that jazz! Ahhhh! Hopefully I know enough. I'm so nervous! We'll see how it goes!

So Sister Weight just hadn't had enough health problems so she decided to get a nasty rash ALL OVER HER BODY!! It's so gross and she itches. It's because she's allergic to penicillin and she got put on an antibiotic when she went to the dentist for her tooth pain to kill the infection. Poor girl. The mission nurse acted like she didn't even care when we called. So I had to get all dramatic about it and trick Sister Weight into going to a member's house so we could text pictures of the rash to the nurse lady so she could figure out how bad it was for herself! So now she is on steroids and it's starting to go away.

Last night we finally went and visited the guy who hit Sister Weight with his car, Blake. Guess who our newest investigator is? Blake! I'm not sure how serious he is about it though, it may be out of pure obligation. But I do believe that we were brought into his life for a reason. I think he is ready but we'll see!

I had a really good chat with my zone leader about agency the other day. Sometimes we find people who have been prepared, and who are ready, but they still choose not to listen! It's hard, it's frustrating. But as I have studied many times in preach my gospel, my success as a missionary isn't measured by other people's choices. It's measured by MY efforts. Anyways that's how I don't get discouraged because sometimes people to tell us to come back and then they just don't answer the door, give us the wrong address, put a sign on the door saying go away, put a lock on their fence, yell at us, slam the door in our face, etc. etc. And I just laugh about that stuff now hahaha because what else can you do? I'm doing all I can, so I laugh. Sorry... not sorry.

Anyways thank you all for your Christmas love! You're the best!!!

Sister Merrell

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