Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween and stuff.

Hi y'all... (yeah I just sunk that low and said y'all... sue me)

So let me tell ya all about my super fun Halloween!!!!!.... I ate ground beef out of a pumpkin... The end. How exciting right!?

Anyways this week we had a really awesome district meeting! I had to role play to teach our investigator Maria and try and get her to commit to a baptism date because we've been struggling with that. So I picked Elder Russo from our district to help and we taught my companion Sister Weight! I was so nervous but Elder Russo was such a great teacher that the lesson flowed with ease! We taught about baptism but centered it on the most important thing... guess what that is??? ETERNAL LIFE! Did you know you can center any gospel lesson around the most important thing? It's crazy. We practiced doing that too. I taught keeping the sabbath day holy and it went pretty well I guess. The most important thing is obtaining eternal life and we can obtain that by accessing the atonement entirely through the gospel of Jesus Christ!

So....This lady asked us to come to her house to do some yard work. She shows us her backyard and it's a forest... and then she tells us to chop it down! So it's way fun actually because I can take out all my energy on chopping these weeds to bits and pieces! And the Elders make fun of Sister Weight and I while we do it so obvi it's going to be a good time! And we get to do it again on Wednesday YAHOO!!!!

Well I decided yesterday after some awesome revelation from Heavenly Father that I am going to have a "HERE & NOW" attitude. I am focused on all the awesome people here in Tennessee! I am focused on what I can do "HERE & NOW". I know it will be a struggle, but I will do my best and Christ will help me with the rest!

Sometimes all our appointments cancel and we have to sit on the side of the road and make phone calls and these sorts of pictures result....

Love all you homiezzzz


Sister Merrell

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