Monday, November 25, 2013

A Little Bit About Love

Hey Ya Fanz,

So the power just went out for half an hour in the middle of emailing... so that was fun... and frustrating. So my thoughts are really scattered right now so just a warning.

We went to visit Diana, a lady who is paralyzed and lives in an assisted living center. She had to go to the hospital and was on a respirator the day she was supposed to get her patriarchal blessing. We were so sad. And we were so scared she wasn't going to make it. BUT she recovered and was back at the assisted living place within the week. She's getting her blessing on Tuesday! We are so excited and honored that she has invited us to be a part of that. Anyways when we went to visit her we had to wear surgical masks, gowns, gloves, shoe covers, the whole 9 yards. It was kinda fun.

This week I learned a lot about love:

We were eating lunch at a member's house, grilled cheese sandwiches. And I found a HUGE hair in mine. And I continued to eat the entire sandwich. You know you love someone if you eat their entire hairy grilled cheese and don't even say a word.

We went to visit my great black  less-active friend Leon! He insisted that I smelt his hand. So I did it. And I almost died. Then he told me he had just been gutting pig intestines. You know you love someone when you don't throw up all over them.

We go visit a few people who live at this place called Callahan towers. It's for disabled people whether mentally or physically. It REEKS so bad in there. We have to hold our breath every time we are in the elevator. Yesterday we went to go visit some less active people there and we found ourselves wanting to stay longer because we enjoyed visiting them (this was surprising because normally we don't chat and we get right to the lesson so we can get in and out). You know you love someone is you want to stay longer at their house even though when you're sitting on their couch there are bugs crawling all around.

Last but not least. We had invited 6 investigators to come to church. They all said they'd be there. The meeting was starting and we kept glancing towards the door. Finally they started passing the sacrament and we realized they weren't coming. I wanted to just cry. I felt so discouraged and saddened. You know you love someone when you just want them to understand that obtaining eternal life is the most important thing. It disappoints you so much when they don't see that and when they don't keep commitments.

I whispered to Sister Weight and asked her what does someone read when they've really done all they could and people basically reject them. Alma 8. OH YEAH! It made me feel so much better. Alma was rejected but Heavenly Father told him to go back to the people and to try again. He was blessed for it. So this week is another week to try again! But it's thanksgiving so everyone told us they're going to be out of town... so that's cool. Hahahaha. Whatever we'll find a way!

Anyways. Everyone have a happy thanksgiving!


Sister Merrell



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