Monday, November 11, 2013

Coincidences??? I think NOT!!!

Hey Humanz,
So this week was interesting...

We ate pizza at the friendship bell with all the Elders in our district. The friendship bell is a bell that the Japanese gave to the people here in Oak Ridge that made the atomic bomb.. or something.. I didn't read the plaque because I was too busy stuffing pizza in my face before the Elders ate it all. And then I played some basketball to burn off all the pizza I ate (don't you even worry mom!) and let's just say I'm a baller and leave it at that.

We had zone conference... and they called on me to give a talk about the area book. And I almost died. But I'm still living so that's good...

The primary program was yesterday so that was perfection, but what else can you expect from that?

We raked a TON of leaves. And I loved it.

Some cool stuff happened too...

We were on our bikes and I had to go to the bathroom wayyyyyyyyyyyyy bad so we stopped at the grocery store and on our way out we bumped into one of our investigators who was having a hard time. Her son is in prison and his parole hearing is coming up and it looks pretty bleak. So anyways we helped her load up her groceries and talked to her a little bit. That definitely wasn't a coincidence.

Also we were contacting a referral and they told us they weren't interested. But the little girls over at their house playing with their kids said their mom would want us to come over so we went and BAM we got 3 new investigators. Definitely not a coincidence!!!

Well that's all for now. Here's a pic of me and my beautiful leaves and a tribute to America from my favorite humanz I get to share a car with..(Sister Weight, Elder Arnold, and Elder Parkinson)


Sister Merrell

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