Friday, October 4, 2013

I know you're shocked but... I made it through the first week ya stinkers!

Hi folks, it's me.

The MTC is a roller coaster of happiness. I love it here and I love the friends I've made (even though I could practically be the grandmother of all of the Elders).

Being obedient is hard! I've never done it before (hahaha sorry mom and dad) but seriously... no singing britney spears in the showers, headstands only being allowed in the residence halls, no food in class, having to have your companion come with you when you go to the bathroom 1982739218731927 times during class (tiny blatter probz)....etc. etc. BUT, I am trying to be an extraordinary missionary so I try and keep all the rulez. I go to be EXACTLY at 10:30 and I try my very best to get up on time... hahahahhaah Sister Shannon has to scream in my ear to wake me up and I want to murder her... I love that ginger.

Anyways I just wanted to share a bit from my journal of how uplifting the MTC has been for me. 

Last night something incredibly exciting and wonderful happened. We were in a trio on splits so it was me, Sister Stewart, and Sister Buckley. Brother Vomocil told us to teach our companions on God's love but just as themselves and not an investigators. I felt inadequate and that I wasn't smart enough to teach them something new and just for them. Brother Vomocil saw my struggle and came over. He told me to teach him. I stared at him, but couldn't find any words. He told me he would teach me first. He told me how God loves me very much, he also told me he felt prompted to tell me to pray because Heavenly Father wanted to hear from me. This really touched me because I hadn't been praying and I just felt like I wanted to go home because I missed everyone so much. I needed to pray for comfort, for reassurance that I am here in the MTC preparing to do wonderful things that will change people's lives! The spirit was so strong that tears rolled down my cheeks.

Then it was my turn to teach him. I stared at him again, I had no words, nothing to say. He told me to read the first two sentences and go from there. "God is our Heavenly Father. We are his children." Then I told him that He cares about us so much, and when we are scared about the future he understands and will calm our fears and guide us. The spirit was so strong, Brother Vomocil had tears in his eyes. He told me that that was exactly what he needed to hear. He was scared because his wife is pregnant with their first child and that he is applying for jobs in Alaska. He was so scared of the future. Heavenly Father used ME as an instrument to teach my MTC teacher something. WOW!!! The spirit can speak through me. I was so excited and proud of myself.

This is so tight!!! I LOVE THE MTC!!! I have learned so much!!! Sunday was hard for me because I was homesick when we went on the temple walk. It was like being put in a cage on your front lawn and not being able to go inside your house.. I wanted to go to the mountains and drive the alpine loop to see the fall leaves! But I'm fine now because it snowed and I hate snow so I'll just stay here hahahaha suckers.

I went to the DMV in provo on... I can't remember what day but I drove passed Old Academy and I wanted to jump out of the car and find all my friends. Don't worry I restrained myself!!

My district has the coolest Elders and Sisters! Elder Powers and I share mail to make sure we get mail everyday hahahhaa. I taught everyone in my district the word "woof" so they all say it! LOOOOOVE IT. Sister Shannon and Sister Hamilton are my soul sisters we are crazy together! I am so sad Sister Shannon isn't coming to Tennessee (she is going to North Carolina). On wednesdays we wear pink... Literally. He's a picture. Our Elders are going to Idaho hahahha such homiez I love them. Anyways, I leave at 3:30AM on Tuesday for TENNESSEE!!! WOOOOOOT!! I can't wait!!! Going to be the longest night/day of my lyyyyyfe!!!

Also, I said by to Elder Bergsma and Sister Quinones this week! They are going to be the best missionaries! I got to sit by Elder Bergsma at the move on Sunday night so that was really fun.

Also remember the dude that asked me out the weekend before I left and I couldn't go because I was too busy? HE HAS TAKEN MY MTC TEACHER OUT 3 TIMES!! hahahha I was dying when we realized that.

Okay here's the end! Thank you for all the love and support you wonderful humans!!! EVERYONE REMEMBER TO PRAY!!!! THE POWER OF PRAYER WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!


Sister Merrell

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