Monday, October 21, 2013

And yesterday... I met Santa Clause

Hey Fanz, it's me, Sister Merrell your favorite missionary!
Last Tuesday I went on an exchange with the sister training leaders in Chilhowee. We were in a trio and we went and visited this lady that liked to sit there and argue about the bible so that was intense. Also when we were teaching her, one of the sisters stops in the middle of her sentence and says, "There's a chicken in your house..." THERE WAS A CHICKEN IN THE HOUSE! It was terrifying mainly because it was actually a rooster and those things are crazy. But it was funny. Also when we went to another house there was cockroaches crawling all over the floor, and one crawled up the other sister's dress... so yeah that was pretty tight. The wildlife here in Tennessee is AMAZING.... hahahaha. My exchange was a long day, mainly because it was like having my first day all over again so I probably said 4 words the entire day. I was happy to get home back to Maxine and Sister Weight to eat moose-tracks ice cream.
So there is this guy named George and he lives next door to one of our less actives (Bill). And whenever we go over to Bill's house there is George sitting in a lawn chair drinking a beer and reading the paper. He's so chill. He is a tri-athlete and likes to go bowling. But anyways I gave him a Book of Mormon... and he said thanks and was way nice. And then we saw him later because we see him all the time and he said he didn't want us to teach him. Which made me sad because he's so tight. But hey that's what a lot of the mission is, planting the seeds of the gospel and constantly nourishing them in hope and faith that they will blossom into something beautiful.... but to do that you gotta have patience! So anyways I love George. I want to be like him when I'm old and sit on my lawn in a lawn chair and drink... diet coke... all day.
We had a really great lesson with our investigator Maria the other day. Her kids were gone so it was really individualized. I invited her to be baptized! Which was something that terrified me... but thanks to the spirit I did it! She said it's too soon thought. We asked her what was holding her back from being baptized, and she said she just wanted to make sure it was something she wanted. She said she would talk to her kids and pray about a baptismal date!!!!!!!!!!! HOLLA!!!! The spirit was so strong. I was PUMPED after that lesson.
Well as I mentioned previously we are in a car share area... so this week was a bike week! Which is exhausting because Oak Ridge is so dang hilly!!!! So I finally learned how to use the gears on my bike. Good thing Melissa made me ride my bike all summer so I could be ready to be where I am now! At night we have to wear these reflective vests... which make us look like sanitation workers... which is incredibly disturbing. But oh well I'm adorable.
On Saturday we volunteered at the ecumenical storehouse. Hahahaha it was fun.. and disgusting at the same time!! WOOT WOOT! So it's like basically volunteering at DI but the stuff smells ten million times worse because people who are poor and smoke donate a lot of the stuff. And some of the stuff had dog hair on it. And for those of you who understand me... I probably would have died if I weren't a missionary called of God to serve the people of Tennessee.. I served with a smile though! I just wish I had a clothes pin to put on my nose. One of the ladies puts a blanket up to my face and was like, "SMELL THIS!!" Hahahaha I held my breath but still nearly almost died. It was horrid. But it was so fun being able to help out in the community with those of other faiths. We talked to a lady name Sharon a lot about our church! Who knows, maybe we'll end up teaching her. Planting seeds, planting seeds, planting seeds.
And finally what you all have been waiting for.... Yesterday we were at a ward member's house eating nachos for dinner (the Valdez family). Sister Valdez's dad was there and he had a white beard and such.. He pulls us aside and told us he had a secret identity. HE IS SANTA CLAUS!!! He had a picture of him in his whole getup in his wallet. He makes special appearances to the children at the mall in Knoxville around Christmas time. He said his reindeer were at the north pole though so unfortunately I didn't get to meet any of them. Don't worry I'm okay though, at least I got to meet the REAL SANTA CLAUS!!!

Well I'm about to wrap this one up! We're going hiking for P day with the crazy fools in our district. I love them all so much. Even though one (I won't name names) admitted to playing a lot of world of warcraft before the mission. Baahhahaha. I lurve them sew much! BYE BUDDY I HOPE YOU FIND YOUR DAD!
Sister Merrell

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