Friday, September 27, 2013


To my fanz:

Hi I'm a missionary and it's real and it's weird but awesome!!!!!

My companion's name is Sister Stewart and she is from Tazmania in AUSTRALIA! So since she is the only international person in our zone that makes us pretty popular and everyone wants to be our homiez. And also because I'm cool too. But anyways she is so fun and sassy and we get along perfectly. She is 19 and she is going to Knoxville too!!! Her hair is so flippin long. Mermaid status. I LOVE HER!!! 

My branch president thinks I'm awesome because he told me I'm a fun quick wit. But everyone already knew that. Hahahahaha. But anyways he is crazy because he called me to be the sister training leader, so I am in charge of all the sisters in our district and I meet with the zone and district leaders and next week I will have to do stuff for sisters in a different zone. I still gotta read my packet thing so I know exactly what I do... hahaha It was definitely a shock for me to be called and I laughed when he told me (in front of everyone.. he didn't tell me in private first) everyone in the zone thought my reaction was funny too.

So getting to the MTC made all my anxiety go away. Like I had been so cranky and pouty and sassy since I got my call because everyday I was so scared of coming here. BUT NOW I'M HERE! And it is so awesome here. I forgot what not feeling anxious felt like and it's so nice!  But sometimes I get really Hangry or I am tired... but then I go to gym and it's soooooooo fun!! We play bball like Troy Bolton on HSM!!! If it stops raining every second we will go play soccer or baseball or kickball or somethinggggg.

The first day we had an awesome meeting where we had these people acting like investigators and we watched some people teach them but then we had to jump in as an audience and finish the lesson... yeah I didn't say anything but it was really cool because it was real missionary work! People with life stories and families that need the gospel. It made me so pumped to get to Tennessee!

My teachers are kewl. Sister Murray and Brother... scrunchy face I can't remember what the heck his name is. But Sister Murray is so pretty and smart and perfect and if Matt were taller I would make them get married. Also we have a guy observing our class and he sometimes teaches... yeah it's Matt Widmer my friend from freshman year hahahahahhahahaa so flippin weird. I know everyone here in the MTC. HOMIES 4 DAYZZZ!

Anyways I would like to do a special shout out to my homiez that have written me already! THANKS SO MUCH!! It makes me soooooooo happy! And also just a note if you leave your return address as -who are we kidding you aren't writing me back- I PROBABLY WON'T WRITE YOU BACK BECAUSE YOU TAMPERED WITH THE FORCES OF NATURE... YOU ARE TAKING AWAY MY AGENCY!!! You know who you are... give me your address hahaha. 

Oh wait, guess what? There is a tree here that smells like cream soda so we go out as a zone and smell it and it's what cool people do so that's not weird.

Well that's about all I have to share. The MTC is a peaceful place and even more peaceful when you are a missionary. I am doing so well, I made it through yesterday! Everyone that I saw yesterdaty told me day two is the hardest and sucks... and they were kinda wrong and kinda right. It was fine I was just tired because I hadn't slept like at all the night before. But whatever sleep is over rated... hahahhahaha lies. 

Okay this is the end for real! Until next P-Day! (Friday)

Love you long time!


Sister Merrell

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