Monday, October 14, 2013

Hi it's me from TENNESSEE!!!

Hi it's me from TENNESSEE!!!

Oh my goodness I am here and I love it!! I am serving in the Melton Lake ward in Oak Ridge, Tennessee! I live with a lady named Maxine in what I think is a mansion. She takes such good care of us! She calls me Cinderella because I guess I look like her... she also thinks I look like Elizabeth Smart so... yeah that's fun. hahaha. I love Maxine so much! She is the best grandma to us and she just so sweet! She makes me eat lots of chocolate pie (future chubby bunny right here represent!!!)
My companion's name is Sister Weight and she is from Provo! We have a few mutual friends and we get along super well! She is such a good trainer... AND SHE HAS ONLY BEEN IN THE FIELD 3 MONTHS!!! We were meant to be. <3
I am in a part car part biking area and it's sweet! My bike is purple. I lurve her. I love the car more though ahhahaha.
So here are the highlights of my week:
The funny stuff:
We saw a man raking his lawn, we turned our car around and got out to ask him if he wanted help. HE YELLED AT US! He said this is why no one wants to be christian because we can't take no for an answer... rude. So when we were leaving I dropped a pass-along card on his lawn that had a picture of Christ on it. HAHAHAHA SUCKERRRR!!! Okay maybe I'm the only who thinks that's funny...
We stopped at a house to visit a less-active. We go in the gate despite the no trespassing sign... the man told us to leave and made sure to mention the sign. We go and get in the car and had to make a phone call. While we were doing that he came outside and put a lock on the gate! Hahahahahah!!!! So funny!
Last night for FHE we went to a member's home and our investigator and her two daughters came. We did s'mores over their new fire pit. I got melted marshmallow in my hair! So then I started sucking on my hair to get it out... Our investigator, Maria (sassy black lady), looks at me and says, "Do you have issues?" I started laughing so hard that tears came to my eyes! AND NOBODY ELSE THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY!!! hahahahahahahaha
The good stuff:
We visited a less active named Bill. He is pretty old and his wife just died. She shared a scripture about hope with him and sang Where Can I Turn For Peace. Then we left. The elders (Elder Parkinson and Elder Arnold my homies for lyfe) went over and shared the same scripture with him and talked about the same things! COINCIDENCES ARE ACTS OF GOD!! Oh man I love it. I love Bill. He is so sweet and he is full of love.
We have gone back to see Bill but he never answers the door... But his neighbor is always on the lawn next door reading the paper! So then I finally decided that we should go next door and talk to him. YESTERDAY I GAVE HIM A BOOK OF MORMON!!! It wasn't even scary it was awesome! He was excited to read my favorite book.
Our investigator Maria and her daughter Maya came to church yesterday! A lady grabbed her face and told her that Gladys Knight was a member too.... I WAS DYING. But anyways Maria loved church! She loved Sunday school! Sister Weight and I taught primary and Maya participated a lot! They are the best family ever! We love them so much! I love Maria's sass!

The end stuff:
I am in love with where I am and I am in love with my life. I have never been so happy. I love feeling the spirit every waking moment and I love seeing others feel the spirit even when they don't even know it's the spirit! I love being obedient because I love making Heavenly Father happy. I love praying and I try to pray as much as I can. I love meeting new people (whether they are nice or mean). I love sharing the happiness of the gospel!!

Love all of you!!!
Sister Merrell

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