Monday, June 2, 2014

I Belong in Bristol!!!

Hey y'all, coming at ya live from Bristol, Tennessee, but only Tennessee because we're on the Tennessee side of town right now!

From the moment I got here I have known that this is where I belong! My new companion is Sister Neil and she is 24 years old and from Nevada! She has been on her mission for 16 months so I will probably be with her until she dies. She is one of the most loving people I have ever met! She has helped me a lot! I LOVE HER!

So here's a little bit about Bristol. It is on the border of Tennessee and Virginia. The state line is state street that runs though the cutest part of town. There is a restaurant there called Burger Bar and they love Mormons! When we walk in they say, "Oh hey it's the Mormons!" There are also really cute shops and there are cool murals on some of the walls. Our church building is on the Virginia side of town; I told Sister Neil to tell me every time we are about to go into Virginia because to me it's still a big deal!

Right when I got here we went right to work! We have so many people to serve here and many people are open to our message because of their humble circumstances. It's heartbreaking to see, but it is great that we get the opportunity to serve them. Every Wednesday we get to serve dinner to homeless people at the Salvation Army. It is really fun because of all the crazy things they say to us when they come through the line. We also get the opportunity to pray with them because we bless the food before we serve it.

On Thursday we went to go visit someone with a member (I sat on a peeled banana in her car...ew) anyways that person wasn't home. So then we drove to someone else's house who wasn't home and then finally we drove to Teresa's trailer park. She was home and she let us in! She got baptized about 3 years ago and became less active soon after. Well she told us how she was really down for a lot of reasons. The member that we brought (Sister Davison) had gone through a similar experience and they were able to connect. They exchanged numbers and BAM a beautiful friendship was born. Teresa came to church on Sunday! AWESOME! I know that Heavenly Father put us in that situation that could seem frustrating to lead us to Teresa who needed to feel his love through us and Sister Davison.
Here's to new beginnings and doing the Lord's work!


Sister Andrea Merrell

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