Saturday, May 24, 2014

Imma Baller

Hi, it's me.

We did lots of service this week! We planted flowers for Sister Fritz (our eternal investigator who recently broke her leg). We planted flowers at the entrance of President Irion's neighborhood! President came too and he was wearing sweats! Hahaha I loved it. Afterwards we played a quick round of Bball, Elder Byron and I vs. President and Elder Bradd. I scored the game winning lay-up. I'm getting pretty good at basketball! We also did a bunch of weeding for Marie. That was fun. I love that woman. We taught Josh and he said he is a hands on learner. I suggested that he learn the gospel through experience. He committed to pray and ask God what he should do. We don't have a return appointment at the moment. Debbie Downer... BUT WE'RE HOPEFUL! 

That's all I got folks!

Love y'all!

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