Monday, June 23, 2014

Voicemailz and Tombstonez

Heyyyy guyzzz,

These week has been jam packed with success! We got a lot of new investigators and we are super excited! 

Sister Stanton came to church yesterday and we had a good lesson with her earlier in the week. She said that she has no problem with being baptized she just very attached to the people that go to her church. We are trying to help the relief society sisters involved so yesterday at ward council we were very adamant that she got visiting teachers assigned. She almost came to the relief society activity this week (retro women's night) but she ended up having a conflict. Dang right? It would have been great having her there. We are going to try and get her to come to relief society next Sunday (they normally leave after Sacrament meeting). Investigators concerns fall into two categories: social concerns and doctrinal concerns. The missionaries are great resources for helping them overcome doctrinal concerns but dealing with social concerns falls into the hands of the members. It is so important that we always try and look for the best in everyone that we meet and to try our best to see each other how God sees us. We are all His children. We all should want everyone to feel comfortable, loved, and cared about especially when they are coming together with us at church.

Anyways, preachy, sorry, let me tell you about the MAJOR HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK! We met with our investigator, Rick. We went over the restoration for what felt like the millionth time. We talked about the priesthood and then he randomly told us that he would pray about baptism without us even bringing it up. Okay well that's a little bit awesome. We left with a good feeling about Rick and went to our next appointment. After that we checked the phone and we had a voice mail. Rick said that he wants to be baptized... next Sunday! Bahahahahahahah! Awesome right? It won't be that soon though. But hey he has the desire so that's awesome! And he has already come to church once so HECK YEAHHHH!!! So hopefully all goes well with that!

Finding people to see on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons has been a little bit difficult for us. We were driving around this week and had tried 2389423897 people and none of them were home or wanted to talk to us. We kept driving passed this really cool historical cemetery so finally we decided that we were going to go walk around in there and leave plan of salvation pamphlets on some of the tombstones. Hahaha it was pretty cool. They had a section for the slaves and there were just a bunch of unmarked rocks for their tombstones. It was quite fascinating.

Well, that's it folks! Have a splendid week! Love y'all!

Sister Andrea Merrell


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