Sunday, May 18, 2014

We're the Cheapest Free Labor in Tennessee!

Hey Folks.

We've been doing a lot of service!
This week we cleared a swamp, spread mulch, worked at the bishop's storehouse, spread more mulch, and painted a porch!
When we cleared the swamp thing it was located in the backyards of about 12 surrounding houses. All of the run off drains into there when it rains. I don't really know why they wanted clear it all out but it sure was fun! Also we're the cheapest free labor in Tennessee, I mean that to be redundant not that we're cheap quality because we're the best.

Every year Liberty Mutual dedicates a day to local service. This year they had two projects, they volunteered at the bishop's storehouse and they helped spread mulch for a lady in our ward who is going through a rocky divorce. So we basically spent the day with the Liberty Mutual employees, which was awesome! The Elders ended helping one of the employees move the following day. Kewl.

We helped spread mulch for a member in the ward and he bought us snappy tomato pizza afterward. Yummmmmm. He also told us his conversion story; it was awesome!

We went over to a less-active lady's house and it was kind of awkward at the door. I saw behind her that they had a cage in their living room. I asked if they had rats and they got really excited. I pretended to be excited too and they let us in so I could hold their rats.. We offered to help them paint their porch and she said yes so we ended up doing that the next day! So I had to hold some nasty rats in order to obtain an opportunity to serve and establish a relationship with this family... was it worth it? Yes.

Anyways that's just another week in the life of a glorified yard worker. 

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