Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Delayed Due to Prez Day

Hi y'all. I've been forcefully making myself say y'all in every day language as of lately. Sometimes right afterward I say "EW" but I think eventually I will be fluent in southern since I have been immersed for quite some time now.

ANYWAYS, this last week was good. We shared a Valentine's day message about God's love with most of the people we saw. We had a pretty powerful lesson with less-active Dixie and she seemed pretty devoted to coming to church on Sunday. Sister Gotchy was just super pumped for it. But then she didn't show up. Super sad.

I don't know how much I've talked about Travis, Adrian and Dylan. They are a part member family that we are teaching. Travis is the dad and Adrian and Dylan are the sons. Dylan and I bond over pokemon. When I told him I won't stay in Oak Ridge forever he got really sad because he wants me to hahahaha. I love that kid. We had a really great lesson about feeling the Holy Ghost with them. The Holy Ghost helps us feel happiness and joy but when we have contention we can't feel it. So hopefully Travis won't yell at the boys to shut up during the lessons anymore.

Catherine is basically my 3rd companion now, it's like we're in a trio. She comes out with us a lot and hangs out with us on P-day! Yesterday, Bishop Tobler took us to El Canterita's my favorite Mexican Restaurant in Oak Ridge! We brought Catherine, do you like her outfit?

Anyways, thanks for the Valentine's Day love! I love y'all (ew) and I am grateful for your funny emails to me. VIVA LA SNAPBACKS!!!!!


Sister Andrea Kate Merrell (your one and only)

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