Thursday, November 13, 2014


Hey Hey!

This week was pretty eventful! We had stake conference so that took up the weekend and zone training meeting was on Friday. It was a good week and it went by really really fast. ZOOM!!! I can't believe it's already Monday again!

I don't think I've talked about our investigator Jakiva. A couple of weeks ago we were walking passed a random church and there were 3 ladies outside. We started talking with them in a group but the conversation was going more towards just one of the ladies. When we offered her a Book of Mormon and she declined it, but then Jakiva stepped in and asked if she could have it! We were thrilled! We got her information and then we caught our bus. When we went back later on and taught her the restoration she showed us some of her journal entries about life. we could really see her love for Christ and how much she relies on Him. It was awesome. We  taught her the Plan of Salvation this week and it went pretty well. She said she wanted to be baptized! She and her kids came to stake conference this weekend too!!! On the car ride home, Sister Bass asked her what she liked about stake conference and Jakiva said she liked how they talked about baptism. HOLLA.  I am so grateful that Jakiva was bold enough to accept our Book of Mormon. I'm glad we were bold enough to talk to those people even though they were outside of their church. Change requires boldness! 

Okay here's another miracle for ya, we got back from zone meeting and we were late for our appointment so we had to take a later bus and shorten our lesson. We had a quick lesson and then we bolted out the door so we could get to the last bus of the day. We barely made it, and at the next stop Vanicia got on. Vanicia came to church a couple of weeks ago because a member of our branch, Sister Bennett had invited her. It was such a miracle that we bumped into her and it was all because we were late! We were able to have a lesson with her and her "roommate partner thing" (hahaha her own words) the following day. They had told us that they weren't going to come to stake conference before the lesson started but as they felt the spirit they gained the desire to at least try. It was pretty awesome. They didn't come though hahaha dangit. We're going to see them tonight. I think they will come to church this week!

Sug came to stake conference as well! HOLLA! He's the coolest. He gets his own paragraph even though it's just like a line because he's awesome.

This transfer is flying by! I can't believe we're already half way through. So crazy! We are having a blast up in hurr in the ghetto. The Signal Mountain elders drive us around on P-days and we take selfies because we're cool.

Love ya!!!

Sister Merrell

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