Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Survived Halloween 2K14


This week was pretty good! We started out by having FHE with our branch president (President Bass) and his family and they had invited their friend Sug to come over. Sug had met the missionaries several times through out the years and had been given a Book of Mormon but he didn't really know what we were about! We took the opportunity to get to know him better and invite him to take the lessons. It was a really was a powerful experience because the President and Sister Bass kept testifying of how the gospel has blessed them and that being the reason why they wanted to share it with him. They were asking Sug some awesome inspired questions. Sug agreed to learn more with real intent and our journey official has begun! We had a lesson with him and President Bass later on in the week and we taught him the restoration. It was awesome; it was like we were in a trio because President Bass helped so much with the teaching. The spirit was really strong! I loved it!

Halloween was quite the adventure since we had to be locked in by 4. Our district decided to go to the church to play games so we all chilled there the whole night and got all hyped up on sugar (elders+mountain dew=no bueno). We ended up turning off all of the lights in the mansion and the Elders did a haunted house for Sister Mackelprang and I. They slammed doors and ran around and screamed and put on primary music upstairs. IT WAS FREAKY! And y'all know how much I love getting scared so yeah... it was a really fun Halloween!

On Saturday we went over to Northshore (aka hipster central) we were wandering around looking for a part member family's house for about an hour and a half. We were walking up a huge hill when we stopped and asked this lady named Jerry for directions. She told us to get in her car and she would drive us there. While we were in the car talking with her she told us that her mom had grown up Mormon! She said she now knew what she had waited so long to leave her house to go to the grocery store, it was because she needed to bump into us! Awesome huh? She wouldn't commit to a return appointment though.. ahh dangit. But we know where she lives so that's a start! It was a really awesome miracle... I just wish she had taken the opportunity to really understand that. Oh well she will eventually! It really made me think about how God gives us opportunities to spiritually grow every day. Especially when we take time to ask spiritual questions. In Elder Neil L. Andersen's conference talk he said, "Spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers from God." When we really want spiritual answers from God we have to take the time to ask the questions. Maybe Jerry isn't asking the questions at this point, but some day she will.

I love all of y'all! 

Sister Andrea Kate Merrell

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