Saturday, November 29, 2014

Me Gusta Sus Zapatos

Hey hey hey!

This week has been great great great! Let me tell you my favorite part:

We were on the bus sitting across from this little man wearing moon boots. When I told him that I liked his shoes he looked at me puzzled and said that he didn't speak English. I went on to repeat myself in Spanish and he smiled and nodded. I quickly explained to him in my broken high school Spanish that we were missionaries and as we were getting off the bus we exchanged info so we could contact him again. After we got off the bus we turned around and he had followed us. He wanted to continue talking. He told us that he was studying religion and history and we were able to set an appointment for this week with him and then we had to leave to catch our next bus. 

The next day we were sitting in district meeting and we all heard a knock at the door. Our district leader, Elder Tucker went to go answer it and he called us out into the hall way to see that it was Juan, the guy from the bus! He held out his hand for a handshake and when I grabbed his hand he pulled me in and gave me a kiss on the cheek! Hahahahaha the whole district keeps telling me to lock my heart. So funny. Anyways, we told him (again in broken Spanish) that church is on Sunday at 9 and he thanked us and went on his way. 

The day after that we went to his apartment to drop off a Libro de Mormon and we wrote down a brief explanation of the Book of Mormon from a Spanish Preach My Gospel that we had in the apartment. I said a prayer in Spanish too because I ripped out a page in a missionary Spanish book showing how to pray so I just read it hahha. On Sunday we got to go to the Spanish gospel principles class. It was fun trying to understand what everyone was saying. I loved it!

Heavenly Father is preparing hearts everywhere to receive the gospel, Juan is evidence of that!

We also got to play some football this week at the branch turkey bowl! Sug came and let's just say my defense is so awesome. I pulled his flag erry time! Bahaha! We had a great lesson with Sug earlier in the week with the Basses; we taught him the Plan of Salvation. It went very well, and when we followed up on his reading assignment (Alma 7) he said something along the lines that baptism is something he needs to think about. We didn't even bring it up BAHAHAHA! He is slowly committing himself! Awesome.

I love y'all! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Sister Andrea Kate Merrell

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