Thursday, October 9, 2014

We're Friends in High Places Y'all

Hi Folks.

Didn't y'all just love conference? Oh boy it was just the greatest! I loved being able to just sit back and receive some hardcore revelation. I really enjoyed Jorg Klebingat's talk! "By applying the atonement YOU can increase your spiritual confidence TODAY!" I can't wait to go back and read and study the talks when the ensign comes out.

On Thursday night, we stopped in to see the Johnsons. It was pretty inspired because James and Leta were there! We were able to eat dinner with all of them (James is so golden, we just know he will be baptized!) and then we inspired them to have us over for breakfast and conferenceon Sunday morning. That night, according to Sister Burr, I talked in my sleep. I said "Breakfast in Bristol! Brah Brah Brah Breakast in Brah Brah Brah BRISTOL!" So I think I was a little bit excited. As I should have been, we had french toast, MY FAVORITE!

Do you guys want to know how awesome Bobby is? He called us really excited after seeing his nephew at Walmart. He had told his nephew, Cody, that he had got baptized and he asked him if we could come over and share the gospel with him and his family! We went over and saw Cody and his wife Rachel and their daughter and now they are our new investigators! It's pretty inspiring seeing recent converts do missionary work!

On our way to district meeting on Friday we got a flat tire. We called the Elders and they came and put the donut on for us. Then after district meeting, while everyone else went out for district lunch at Burger Bar (aka puke central) we went to Sears to get our tire fixed. It took like 3 hours but we were able to talk to some cool people from North Carolina and the guy showed us his prosthetic leg. It was funny, we referred them to some missionaries in Ashville.

We went on a crazy hike today with the Ronquillos. We drove around for forever and then we got lost, and then we decided to go on a different hike. Anyways by the time we got there I was car sick and ticked off but then the hike was way fun and there was a radio tower that Sister Weight and I were adventurous enough to climb to the very top! It was freaky because it was so windy! Then we drove back to the church and on the way Dan bought us yummy burgers that tasted like in-n-out! Heck yeah!

The leaves are starting to change color and it is really beautiful! I'm glad that I get to be up here in the wannabe mountains for fall! We were driving around bluff city this week to visit some part-member families that we've never met it was awesome. We met George, who's wife is a member and he just so happens to be a baptist preacher! He was super friendly and we talked for a long while. His beliefs  that he preaches are headed in the right direction so we were thinking that we should basically go convert his whole congregation. Hahaha.

Anyways I hope that y'all reflect on the things that touched you from conference, and if there was nothing go read/listen again! Look up the cross references and find ways to change your life from "good to better"! Read Carlos A. Godoy's talk if you want more insight on that! 

Love y'all!

Sister Andrea Kate Merrell

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