Saturday, October 18, 2014

She Threw It On the GROUND!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. It's me.

This week has been pretty up and down, but hey that's missionary life right!? I hope everyone had an enjoyable Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving. I'm emailing today because the library was closed.

Debbie's baptism is coming up THIS SATURDAY! This week was awesome because she threw it down with the coffee and the smoking! It was awesome! Her son-in-law gave her a blessing and then they got rid of all of her stuff! It was awesome because she was talking about how she needed to take some pill she had used last time she quit to help her not smoke; but she couldn't get in with the doctor in time to get the prescription to quit before her baptism so she wanted to move her date. We talked about having faith and relying on God and Jesus Christ to do hard things and she decided to kick it cold turkey and keep her baptism on the 18th! HOLLA!!!

We went an visited Brenda, who got baptized back in December and has been having a hard time coming to church ever since. We met her granddaughter Bethany and we got to know her and she said she wanted to learn more about the Book of Mormon so she could come closer to Christ. Uh okay awesome! So we got her contact info and we set up an appointment with her. We went to see her later on in the week and taught her the restoration. She said she wanted to be baptized so we set a date with her, we were so pumped! But then she didn't come to church and she didn't answer her door the two times that we've gone by. Ugh disappointing. But we'll get her! I'm confident in that because Brenda came to church on Sunday. A few weeks ago we put a sticky note on her fridge that had a contract on it for herself saying, "I Brenda will come to church this Sunday because I love the Lord" and then she had signed it too. Well then she didn't come because there was a mix up with her ride and then it was conference. But she finally made it! And now her granddaughter Emmy who is 4 will have an opportunity to participate in the primary program!

Well humanz I'm guessing I will get transferred but who knows. Transfers are October 22. I said bye to my friendz from the streets of downtown Bristol because I don't think we'll be able to serve dinner at the Salvation Army this week because we have zone training meeting... So a just in case kind of situation.. They showed me their Obama phones. Hahah I thought that they were pretty interesting. Anyways here's a pic of me with Dewey and Odell. They're pretty cool.

We went biking yesterday on the creeper trail again. Except this time we took a shuttle from Damascus to the top and road down (17 milez). It was all fun and games until the old man was taking us almost fell off his bike (12 ft. onto the trail). Then Sister Burr's tire exploded and could not be fixed so Sister Weight decided to ride the bike on the rim haha she wasn't too happy about it but she's adorable so whatever. We stopped at this gorgeous meadow to take pictures in the pumpkins. The fall leaves were amazing!

I love y'all! Have an awesome week!

Sister Andrea Kate Merrell


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