Friday, July 18, 2014

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It seemed like every time that we met with Sister Stanton the reoccurring theme that she pulled from her reading assignments was humility. That was totally the spirit talking to her because we honestly would just give her the standard missionary reading assignments that we give to all of our investigators. When we went to meet with her this week she told us that the spirit has told her that this is the way that she needs to go. IT WAS SO AWESOME! She felt she got her answer when she was at church, she came to relief society for the first time and the lesson had a tangent about not caring what others think and focusing on caring what God thinks. She took this as her answer that she needs to not care about what the people at her church would think if she became Mormon. She's getting baptized on the 26th with Rick and Theron. That's a testimony builder for receiving revelation at church that's for sure!

Theron really respects Ryan, the member that we've been bringing over when we meet with him. Ryan recently returned from his mission and is great at explaining things exactly tailored to Theron's needs. Theron had a lot of freaky random questions at our lesson yesterday (he probably bumped into some anti literature) I honestly was just shocked and couldn't speak. Ryan went right to work addressing all of the concerns and did a great job. It was awesome. Theron said he's still working towards his baptism on the 26th so that's still happening! Phew what a relief!

Rick when out of town to go to the beach for the week so he was MIA. He got back on Saturday, we know because we drove passed his house and his car was there. We went to say hi and then we invited him to church. He told us he was tired from his trip but we were very persuasive. Guess what? He came! Yayyayaya! He is progressing beautifully towards his baptism date on the 26th!

I have a dictionary in the apartment because I love looking the definition of simple words that we use in Mormon culture. I was flipping through it and reading random definitions to Sister Neil before bed the other night and I flipped to the page that had the word "Savior". The 2nd definition said Jesus Christ. Hmmm this sounded perfect for Don who needs a logical explanation for everything. The dictionary even knows that Christ is our Savior. We showed him at our lesson that we had with him on Saturday. It was cool. It really made him think. He came to a baptism for a little boy in the ward that happened after church yesterday. He even brought brownies. After the baptism we told him that he's next... he said.. okay... It was a somewhat agreeable okay! He's going to be baptized and be a bishop someday, we just know it!

We met the new mission president on Friday, President Griffin! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! My interview with him so amazing. You can really tell that he has the spirit with him and he is 100% in tune. I never thought I wouldn't love him as much as I love President Irion but hey, they are both really cool! President Griffin brought his 3 daughters with him. The youngest one is 8. They are all really cute and funny. The Griffins are the

I am completely out of time! I love y'all! Thanks for the love! Also today is my 5/6th birthday. In 2 month's I'll turn 21... again! Yeah I'm forever 21 like the store. So there's that!


Sister Andrea Kate Merrell

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