Monday, July 21, 2014

Baby Kate, The Last Samurai, and Maple Manor


This week we've just been working with our future recent converts! Rick came to dinner at an awesome member family's, the Tedricks, house. He really enjoyed it. Also the Tedricks named their new dog after me! Isn't she cute!? Her name is Kate! 
Rick has really felt like everything is getting in the way of him getting baptized. He has been fighting off temptations like a boss though! He hasn't had a cigarette in 2 weeks! WOW! That's a pun get it?? Like WOW and W.O.W.. (Word of Wisdom). It's funny because it's fun.

Sister Stanton is a sweetheart and has been ready for forever. She's amazing. Theron has overcome lots of obstacles that he has faced. He said he had prayed about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, etc. and he just felt good about everything. He doesn't felt like he's had an overwhelming feeling but he does know he's going in the right direction and that's enough. He'll receive the overwhelming confirmation at his baptism.

We saw Don and he told us that he got emotional at the baptism for the little boy in our ward that he came to last week. What???? We told him that was the spirit testifying of truth. He told us he just got emotional because he does when he watches the movie the Last Samurai... Dangit he just needs to trust that God is trying to guide him with the spirit!

Hi. It's me and I live at maple manor (look at this place).
 It used to be this huge house/mansion that they made into an apartment complex. It's super old. SUPER OLD. And it's a lil bit nasty but that's okay because your apartment should be the hubs of hell on your mission anyways so you shouldn't spend much time there am I right or am I right???

I love your faces people! And your emails! And your letters! Thanks for being the best fan club ever! Keep CTRing and stuff! LOVE Y'ALL!!!!

Sister Andrea Kate Merrell

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