Monday, April 14, 2014

Puppies, Cook Outz, & Farragut Living

Today at 11:29 AM
Hey Hey!!

So this week was pretty fun! We spent a lot of time in the "ghetto" part of our area. There are a few trailers but mostly just nice country homes. We went tracting and I got a farmer's tan line sun burn :( And we didn't really have any success... But hey it was fun meeting all the random people in the hills! We decided to go a former investigator's home what was up in that area--they got baptized but didn't come to church the following day to get confirmed. Interesting right? Well we met them! The cox family! They had the CUTEST puppies! Their dog had 12 of them but they had given the majority of them away. The cutest one is a black runt and they call him Lil' Bit. We have an appointment with them and their family for Tuesday. It's going to be great! Also there's tonz of tickz up by their house so that will be great dodging those.

We had a cookout and roasted weenies.. yes weenies, with a bunch of families in the ward. Some non members showed up towards the end and it ended up being missionary-productive. It was a really good time!

The ward had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday and our investigator Tonya came with her grandkids. They had a great time and so did we.
Farragut is a fun and classy place.

You homiez R gr8. Keep in touch. Don't change. HAGS


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