Monday, April 6, 2015

The Spirit is Just so GREAT!


So much has been going on here in Knox 1st... So many miracles!!

We found a part member family who's records weren't in our ward a few weeks ago. We had been trying so had to have a spiritual lesson with them, but they seemed to always find a distraction. This week we went over with the Restoration DVD and the determination to feel the spirit in their home. Felicia called the boys in and they were all glued to the tv. At the first vision part the spirit was so strong and after the movie was over, Austin (12 years old) told us that he loved the movie. They said they wanted to be baptized! It's going to be a long road for them because their are a lot of concerns but it was so amazing to help them recognize the spirit and to come to know that it's possible to feel in their home.

We had an Easter egg hunt at the church for a primary activity. We had visited a less-active member and there was a ton of people that lived with her. We invited them and their kids and they came! As they were leaving I had the opportunity to give Floyd, the family friend, a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. I was testifying of revelation that prophets receive for us to day and I felt the spirit strongly. It was cool to have the opportunity to share truth with him in the church, it was a sure place to feel the spirit.

My favorite miracle this week has to do with Christina. We had a team up for a different lesson and the appointment fell through. We asked our team up if she would feel comfortable going to the projects and she said yes! We took her to drop off a pamphlet for Christina to study before our next lesson with her. We were able to invite her to church and the member said she was willing to drive her! Christina came to church!!! I was so happy! And she had a wonderful experience!! She said that she felt so comfortable and wished she had known about the church sooner in life!

Oh last thing we did service at UT stadium and swept the bleachers! It was pretty fun and we got to meet some cool people! 

Sorry I have to rush this! My computer is about to kick me off!

Love y'all!!!

Sister Merrell

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