Monday, March 9, 2015

It's a Hard Knox Life... But Not Really

Hola Familia!

Brian is all set for his baptism this weekend! We're so excited! His wife, Lakenzie got baptized a couple of weeks ago and she was sick this weekend so she didn't come to church. But Brian came on his own so that was really cool!

Last week at church, David an elderly retired dentist showed up for church. He ended up bearing his testimony and he talked about how impressed he was with the church. It was his first time attending. Well after sacrament meeting basically everyone pounced on him. We got his info and we were sad because we thought he lived in the elders area... but luckily we thought wrong! We taught him the restoration this week and he accepted it! The spirit was really strong and we could just tell he had sincere desire. He called us this morning and cancelled our appointment with him for tomorrow. He said that he wasn't putting enough effort in right now to continue researching. I WAS DEVASTATED... for about two seconds and then I decided that we'll call him next week and invite him to church. Some people call me persistent. This guy has the potential to be golden, we're not letting him fall through the cracks!

I have some awesome news. Remember my recent convert Catherine? She put in her mission papers this week. I was over joyed. Also she's coming to the stake center today to spend p-day with us! And on top of that she's speaking at Cumberland stake conference in a couple of weeks and president said I could go! There's a lot to look forward to right now!

I have been thinking a lot about a part of Moroni 8:16 this week: "and I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear." I wrote it on the top of my mirror in my bathroom because it's something I want to ponder each day. Do I care what other people think more than I care what God thinks? When I love God and I understand His perfect love for me, I have no need to fear of others opinions. If people don't appreciate the message that we have to share, it's okay because Heavenly Father is proud of what I'm doing right now. What kind of fear do you need God's perfect love to cast out?

Love all of you!

Sister Merrell

(Sorry, no picture this week because I got a black eye when I got in a bar fight... jk that's a lie hahaa)

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