Monday, September 15, 2014

The Best Birthday Present Ever!

Hey Hey!!

Thanks for all of the birthday love! I really had an amazing weekend! On Saturday Don had us and the Elders over for a Mexican fiesta themed party for me! We had enchiladas and brownies! It was so much fun! I love Don, he's my honorary grandpa! He still shows up for fast and testimony meeting every month! It's a pleasant surprise every time he is there and we know it's because he enjoys feeling the spirit. He'll get baptized some day, I just know it.

On Sunday, the Perkins had us over for a Harry Potter/British themed meal. We had BUTTER BEER!!! It was so delicious plus the Perkins make me laugh so hard that I snort so I always enjoy going over there! Brother Perkins is such a boss missionary, he brought his friend from the Kingsport area to church a couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow when I go on exchanges to Kingsport we're going to go over to his house, HE LIVES IN A GRAVEYARD!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! AND he has already read half of The Book of Mormon and he said he wishes he had read 3 Nephi 11 years ago! So that's awesome!

On Sunday evening we went to the Ronquillos and we had a yummy dinner that I had designed for Dan to cook  for me! Bow tie pasta with tomatoes in it with marenera sauce and steamed vegetables! YUMMMM. We had cake and ice cream and it was just a really good time! I LOVE THE RONQUILLOS!

Okay so we also had some great missionary moments this week, don't you worry! On Tuesday we had a great lesson with Brandon and Bishop came with us! Bishop was awesome and took the reigns on the lesson, he really was explaining the priesthood with so much passion. It was great and it really helped Brandon's understanding.

The next day we saw Travis and Katie (Katie made me a yummy chocolate cheese cake for my birthday bahaha). Anyways we were able to talk with them about their concerns which all pend on their understanding of priesthood authority. After these two experiences talking about the priesthood I have been really inspired to come to know more about the priesthood and understand it's power. As I study the scriptures every day I learn more and more about God's power on Earth. I love the book of Acts because it really is the example of how the church was organized once Christ wasn't there in the flesh to direct. I love examples of laying on of hands and ordination and I get so excited to know more about it. I love seeing the blessings I receive in my life from the priesthood as a woman! I was set apart as a missionary with the priesthood authority (I wish I had been more mature back then and that I had written down what President Kelly had said) BUT I am grateful that I have been called of God to be a missionary.

Yesterday was not only special to me because it was my birthday, it was special because Rick for the first time, had the opportunity to help bless the sacrament. I had a smile on my face the entire time and I felt a special spirit of happiness to see Rick have a chance to serve the ward with his Priesthood power. So awesome! By far the best birthday present ever!

Well that's about it folks! I love ya! Y'all are awesome! Have the best week ever!


Sister Andrea Kate Merrell

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