Wednesday, September 24, 2014

17 Dogs, Whipped Cream, & An Inspiring Stake Conference

Hey Hey!!!

This week was pretty great! I went on exchange over in Kingsport with Sister Schwab and we had a brilliant birthday celebration breakfast with a member! We also went and tried to see Paul but he wasn't at the funeral home and so we just walked around the mausoleum for a second and it was pretty creepy cool. We went to a lady's house who had 17 dogs (her front yard was like a mine field) and did some how to begin teaching, which resulted in a maturation discussion from the woman so she could educate us in the most uncomfortable way possible. Hahahahaha over all it was just a crazy fun exchange.

We had a really good district meeting this week, our district leader Elder Hansen... Oh wait I forgot to tell you that my whole district plotted against me on Monday and surprised me for my birthday by smashing whipped cream in my face hahahaha... anyways in district meeting we talked about putting all of our efforts into finding. Sister Burr and I have decided that we are going to start working on our part member family list again after we had been focusing on tracking down all of our referrals for a few weeks. We stopped by Paul and Terry's house after district meeting because we were ready to roll. Paul claims to be agnostic but defines all of the principles of the church with clarity when we are talking with Terry. We asked him if he wanted to find out if God is really there. We're going back this week for a lesson and we are so pumped to teach them the restoration so Paul can rekindle the spirit that he has felt in the past and so Terry can come to know all God has to offer her.

This weekend was stake conference. On Saturday night we were able to go to Kingsport for the adult session. President Griffin spoke with power and authority, as he always does. He talked about our mission fast that we had just a couple of weeks ago (inspired by Alma 6:6). His devotion and passion for bringing forth the work here was felt by everyone. At one point he asked all of the missionaries to come up in front of the stand. 32 of us got out of seats and hustled to the front. President bore our testimony for all of us missionaries. He used the word "we" instead of "I" as he professed what we know to be true and what we are teaching the people we are surrounded by each day. There was not a dry eye in the audience, everyone felt the spirit so strongly and they knew that members and missionaries need to unite in bringing Heavenly Father's children home. 

The last thing to cap off a great week was that Rick has been given the okay to baptize Bobby this Saturday! It is so awesome that Rick has such a great opportunity to use his priesthood! We are beyond excited!

I love y'all and I pray for you daily! Thank you for being such great support!

Sister Andrea Kate Merrell

PS This is the cake that Rick got for me! 21 forever!!!! <3 hahahahah

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