Sunday, August 10, 2014

Out With The Old, In With The New


Sister Neil is home with her family! Weird stuff. "Killing her" was such a blessing because I got to see who she was at the end of her mission. I didn't know her before but I know that she is a great young lady! I love her guts!

I got my new companion! Her name is Sister Burr and she is from Cedar Hills. She is 20 years old. I love her so much we are going to have the best transfer ever! We're already hooked on Russian accents and it's only day 5! We do the insanity work out dvds every morning so we're going to have beach bodies by the end of this transfer. #bristolbabes Also she's super humble and just a really good person so it's great to get to hang out with her all day every day.

We had a great week! I got to see Don twice because Sister Neil went to say bye to them before she left and Sister Burr and I went to go see him. I LOVE THAT MAN. We had a good lesson on desire-believe-know and how those are the steps we have to take to know that Jesus is our Savior and that God loves, knows, and cares about us. It was good. He also gave us Burrungas which are his own creation. Burrito+Chimichanga=Burrunga ME GUSTA THAT AMIGOS.

Guess what home dawgs? My mother, SISTER WEIGHT, is in my district now!! Isn't that awesome! We get to see each other like 3 times a week! WE ARE THRILLED. SO MUCH LOVE UP HERE IN BRISTOL, TENNESSEE/VIRGINIA!

Our assistant ward mission leader referred us to his friend Andrew. He came to church yesterday and we are having a lesson with him on Wednesday. Member missionary work is the BEST. He already has a support system and a friend that he can ask questions to. We are so pleased.

Well I LOVE Y'ALL! Have the best week ever! Keep on keeping on!


Sister Andrea Kate Merrell

PS last night at the Ronquillos house for dinner I was holding their rabbit and it literally POOPED ON MY FINGER AND ON MY SKIRT. It was disgusting. I disapprove of that rabbit and I always will.

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